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Welcome to the MYND Programme on Mental Resilience training. During the course of these modules, you’ll learn about both mental resilience and mental toughness. More importantly, you’ll develop an understanding on the factors that help performers perform when it really matters – when the pressure is on.

Most clients that seek help for psychological reasons may feel that it is their mindset that makes them underachieve, or more importantly, it’s their mind that gets in the way of performance. By working through these modules systematically you’ll benefit by learning key strategies and tactics you can use to get your mindset right for competition. It may even be you get nervous speaking in front of people and want to overcome that dreaded fear. These modules will give you the answers.

Using a combination of current research findings, alongside the vast applied experience of working with athletes at the very top of their game, including Olympic medal winners, World-class athletes, Grand Slam winners and Premier League teams, managers and players, the programme shares ideas and principles that work.

We hope you enjoy the journey and look forward to any feedback you might share.



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