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Inspiring Minds with Steve Coppell

As a player, he was a highly regarded right winger known for his speed and work rate.[1] He won domestic honours with Manchester United and represented England at the World Cup. After a knee injury ended his playing career, he went into management.He has managed several English clubs, most notably Crystal Palace and Reading

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Inspiring Minds with Jeanette Kwakye

My guest today is a real inspiration.An Olympian, author, Journalist  ambassador, and broadcaster, and most importantly a, mum of two beautiful children,I started working with her in the mid-2000s, and at the start of the podcast, I explain why she inspired me right from the start….and she continues to inspire millions with her current work

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Inspiring Minds with Alan Pardew

I first met my guest today when I was invited onto a Charlton vets tour over twenty years ago, Since then, he has gone on to manage some of the biggest clubs in the country, I feel privileged that he has asked me to work with him at a few of those clubs. Including West Ham United, Southampton and Charlton Athletic.

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Inspiring Minds with Elizabeth Burton Philips MBE

Since losing Nicholas one of her twin sons to suicide at the age of 27 in 2004 Elizabeth Burton-Phillips now dedicates all her time to raising awareness of the impact of drug of addiction on families and significant other to ensure that those affected by someone’s substance use receive adequate and timely support.
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Inspiring Minds with Sir Clive Woodward

My guest today is someone that not only inspired me, and continues to do so, but inspired the whole nation.There’s loads of great stuff in this episode but before we get going I’d love it if you could subscribe hit the notification button and as, as soon as there’s something new on the podcast you will get it.  Also, if you can rate the podcast and write a short review it really will help us going forwardthe goal of the podcast is to share some inspiration by speaking wi

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Inspiring Minds with Humphrey Walters

Humphrey Walters works exclusively in helping individuals perform to high levels as well as developing winning teams and leaders for many Organisations and professional bodies.He talks frequently to schools and heads of academic institutions on Leadership, personal motivation and team working skills, both for staff members and school leavers.

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Inspiring Minds with Alex Welsh

Today’s guest is one of the most inspiring people I know, and I’m proud to call him a good friend and a mentor.As you’ll hear, He has been ahed of the curve for over thirty years, with not only his innovative and ground-breaking courses at the Football Association but also his great workaround using sport to improve mental health and well-being, alongside some extraordinary work in the area of social inclusion – both of which have saved the public purse millions of pounds. 

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Inspiring Minds with Andy Nyman

A wonderful privileged to have actor Andy Nyman as my guest on the latest episode of Inspiring Minds Andy Nyman is not only a successful actor, he is also a film-maker, director, screenwriter, author and one of the best magicians in the world, even though he counts magic as just a fun hobby.

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Inspiring Minds with Andy Halliday

Our guest today has quite a unique background for his sporting success. You’ll hear how a thirty-year career in the police force, including on the riot shields and more so on the firearms teams, helped develop a stoic resilience that helped him immensely in dealing with the unique pressure of international and Olympic sports

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Inspiring Minds with Pierluigi and Marco Bianchi

Since 1994, Pierluigi’s has been serving the finest Italian cuisine from the heart of Beckenham. Born out of an Italian families love of authentic home cooking, the restaurant has evolved to offer exquisite, freshly prepared dishes inspired by traditional and modern Italy.


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Inspiring Minds with Laura Hamilton

I am super pleased to bring a very special guest to you today, the first on the podcast not from the world of sport. She’s been described as a professional malt asker and is perhaps best known for her TV appearances. Including dancing on ice and a place in the sun, but there is so much more to this lovely entrepreneur and today she shares a little inspiration.

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