Effective Goal-Setting




What you will Learn

  • Why effective goal-setting is essential for any elite performance
  • How to set effective goals (going way beyond SMART Goal setting)
  • 12 Key elements that will inspire, motivate and give you confidence in your goals
  • A practical and evidence-based practice that work

Course Requirements

  • There are no pre-requisites for this course
  • You will need a notebook & PC/mobile device
  • A desire to improve your goal-setting ability
  • Willingness to go through all the assignments and work hard!


This course will help develop your goal-setting skills. Through the process of looking at the most prominent and latest findings in the research literature, combined with practical and applied work over the past three decades. Roberto will share some cutting edge techniques and skills to help define and redefine your goal-setting objectives and success.

In the course, we explore what works and what does not work when people set goals. We demonstrate how effective goal setting can not only build confidence and motivation but also how it can help relieve anxiety and worry associated with evaluated performances in any domain.

Cutting-edge research combined with 3 decades of applied practice
In the programme, we outline 12 evidenced-based components to make your goal-setting more effective and go beyond the often-cited SMARTER goal model.

Learn practical skills that you can use straight away.

The course shares insights onto the concepts of effective goal-setting, and with regular assignments ad quizzes, you are encouraged to put these new skills into practice straight away. Each lesson comes with a variety of audio, visual and written content, along with a variety of quizzes and assignments to both assess your understanding and help you to develop your skills in the key area of goal-setting

By the end of the course, you will have the tools that will enable you to compile an extraordinary goal-setting strategy that will give you the best opportunity to achieve your objectives.

Have fun.