Tennis Psychology: How to build your psychological strength




This course is designed to help tennis players improve their psychology. Whilst considerable effort is placed on players to develop their technical and physical skills, tactically skills training might be minimal whilst practical and applied psychological skills training may be neglected completely. This makes absolutely no sense as unless you have the right mindset, dealing with the pressure of the competitive cauldron will be the deciding factor on whether you progress to achieve your potential in the game.

What you will Learn

  • This course offers practical and effective strategies that I have used with Grand Slam winners to help improve their game. Now the same resources are available to you.
  • Why & how improving your mindset will help you perform better
  • How to enjoy your tennis journey and in particular competitions more
  • The course contains proven and practical strategies to help you be more confident and less anxious in tough situations

Course Requirements

  • There are no pre-requisites for this course
  • You will need a notebook & PC/mobile device
  • A desire to improve your mind-set
  • Willingness to go through all the assignments and work hard!
  • A mindset and desire to really improve the psychological side of your game.


This course has been designed to benefit sports performers, coaches, managers and parents who like to develop their knowledge in the area of psychology and mindset.

Why you should do this course

This course will help you play better tennis and enjoy yourself more along the way.

Roberto Forzoni has worked in elite sport for over three decades. During that time his roles have included being a staff tutor at the Football Association, helping to compile the FA Psychology courses, and writing the FA Guide to Psychology in Football. He has lectured at a number of the UK’s leading universities, including UCL, Loughboro, and Brunel University, where he led two MSc Modules and one BSc module for four years and thereafter has been invited back to lead MSc Level courses when time permits. He has spoken at National and International Conferences and is a regular contributor to all the major news networks including the BBC, Sky and Al-Jazeerah, TV and radio, as a go-to socialist in matters psychological.

In tennis, Roberto was the National Performance Psychology Manager at the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), where he helped players including Andy Murray (developing the Team Murray model), Johanna Konta, and Laura Robson amongst others. He has worked with two of the world’s leading tennis coaches, Paul Annecone (Pete Sampras & Roger Federer) and Brad Gilbert (Andre Agassi & Andy Murray).

In this short course, Roberto shares his ‘Laws of Tennis Toughness’ – 15 vital psychological concepts and ideas that will transform your game.

How long is the course? 7-10hrs

The course can be completed within 7-10 days if you spend around 30 minutes a day completing the work. If you want to complete the course quickly you could finish it in less time, but this will not give you time to consider, reflect and absorb the information contained.