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Life SkillsProgramme

Help develop a positive outlook on life, learning lessons from some iconic people who have overcome adversity and challenges to give themselves a more fulfilled life.

Respect Programme

In this programme, we explore three types of respect: Personal/self-respect, re;ationshipo res[etc. and respect of t[others in general. These four modules are a real eye-opener and will get you thinking about how you treat yourself and others

MYND Courses from New Era Foundation

Our mission is to support and inspire both young and vulnerable adults to improve their wellbeing, mental health and lives by providing support, guidance, assistance and opportunities, resulting in an environment where they can feel safe and flourish.

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DIVERT MYND Skills for Life Programme

The course’s objective is to help clients develop a set of life skills to help them engage and showcase their best possible selves to assist clients in leading more fulfilled lives and progress in further education, work, and relationships with themselves and others.

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Divert engages with young offenders at the point of police detention, diverting them from crime and into employment.Divert is run by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and The New Era Foundation. It focuses on engaging young people at the point of police detention, helping them overcome challenges and offering them the support and guidance they need to find sustainable employment.

New Era Foundation was founded in 2013, its aim being to provide young, vulnerable, and disadvantaged adults increased opportunities for education, training, and employment.

Between 2015 and June 2022, the Foundation developed and delivered DIVERT, a programme piloted at Brixton Police Station in London, providing early custody intervention using police staff to divert young adults away from crime and prevent re-offending. By 2022, the programme was being delivered across London, Lancashire and the Thames Valley region.

The Foundation worked with police to provide independent non-police custody intervention coaches (CICs) in the custody suite. This was an outstanding success and has dramatically reduced re-offending.