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Self-Confidence pt 2

Mr Forzoni

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What you will Learn

  • Building on the first course, you’ll add a strategic approach to building your robust self-confidence
  • Practical tips and advice you will use immediately
  • How to build a sustainable and robust self-confidence

Course Requirements

  • You have completed the first course on building Self-Confindence
  • You will need a notebook & PC/mobile device
  • A desire to improve your mindset in this area
  • Willingness to go through all the assignments and work hard!


This course has been designed to benefit sports performers, coaches, managers and parents who like to develop their knowledge in the area of psychology and mindset.

Why you should take this course

This course will help you become more confident.

Through the process of looking at the most prominent and latest findings in the research literature, combined with practical and applied work over the past three decades. Roberto will share some cutting edge techniques and skills to build robust confidence that will see you through any pressure or adversity you encounter.

In the course, we explore the key sources of confidence, many of which you will not be aware of and may find surprising. The sources, along with a deep understanding of where confidence comes from, will help develop your skills in this crucial (some would say the most crucial) area of sport and business performance.

Cutting-edge research combined with 3 decades of applied practice

In the programme, we outline 112 key sources of confidence that will add to your ‘mental tool kit’ allowing you to draw from a multitude of areas in which to not only maintain confidence through tough periods but also build upon your existing confidence. While many performers have fragile confidence that fluctuates with results and form, the robust confidence you will develop on this course will sustain your mindset in a place that will enhance performance.

Learn practical skills that you can use straight away.

The course shares insights into the concepts of building self-confidence, and with regular assignments and quizzes, you are encouraged to put these new skills into practice straight away.  Each lesson comes with a variety of audio, visual and written content, along with a variety of quizzes and assignments to both assess your understanding and help you to develop your skills in the key area of self-confidence.

By the end of the course, you will have the tools that will enable you to compile an extraordinary self-confidence strategy that will give you the best opportunity to achieve your objectives.

How long is the course? 7-10hrs

The course can be completed within 7-10 days if you spend around 30 minutes a day completing the work. If you want to complete the course quickly you could finish it in less time, however, this will not give you time to consider, reflect and absorb the information contained.


Course Content

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LESSON 1: Welcome to Building Self-Confince pt2
LESSOn 4: SELF-CONFIDENCE (2) Overview & summary